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Bullet Train of Ferocity

The latest single from Chaotic Resemblance is an accelerating bullet train of ferocity fueled by love. It is pure metal evangelism. It starts off with a spoken word voiceover on top of L.A. Ellis's acoustic guitar, moves into Travis McConnell's trademark passionate singing of a lyric with echoes from the Song of Songs and "Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of the Cross, begins to crescendo in the first instance of the chorus, accelerates to heart-racing pace by the end of the post-chorus, bludgeons the senses with a sonic sledgehammer in the second instance of the chorus, slows slightly before the reverberating vocal fairly rips out your internal organs in a verse extolling Christ as lion and lamb/body and blood, attacks like an army at war with three more times of the chorus, and then roars right off the tracks like a muscle car stoked with nitrous as the post-chorus leaves you panting and clicking the replay button as fast you can.

These boys love Jesus. I (Steve) have seen them three times in concert and have interviewed them once by myself and twice as part of The Wildman & Steve Show, and I can tell you the reason for the energy of their music is their love for our Savior. That's why I coined the hashtag #metalevangelism when I tweeted about this song the day it was released. Anyone listening to this song who does not already know Jesus will have to want to know about Him.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out and then spend the ninety-nine cents and buy it!

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