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Chaotic Resemblance (Part 2)- Episode 136

Finding places to perform is a small challenge (especially coming out of the past 2 years).

The Lord is faithful, and allows placement for where He wants them to be.

Sometimes the struggle made things more difficult, and yet the Lord will continue to provide.

Great opportunities for ’23.

They have witnessed 100s come to the life of Christ through their music (so incredibly inspiring !!!)

Experiences from more tenured bands. Listen in to who really led the guys through the rise to where they are. Travis has great stories!! Be tasteful, where to place the scream, and how to warm up really helped. Anyone following Christian metal will recognize these mentors.

There are bands who don’t honor the legends, or show the respect for these great foundational guys.

New voice techniques from Travis on the new release. Travis highlights to the focus of worship, and intentional singing to gain better .. Travis felt like he was led by sovereign solitude, and you get what you give (really great statement Trav!!) .. The track that plays after Travis story really hits .. [sooo deep Mr Summary had to go out and pull the entire song.]

LA has some mean guitar detail. Wildman turns up some solid feedback. LA has been playing for 16 years. He found that at 13 guitars seemed to be the thing to have, and he started pulling from his rock listening. LA’s mom showed a lot of examples. The amp seemed to be the issue. Each level brought more serious development. Biggest Influence …. You will have to listen. IYKYK [Great sampling of LA’s talent] Unto the Lamb

LA’s practice routine (per LA) .. he plays a lot to recordings, metronome, and does spend time getting ready for Wednesday or Sunday Worship.

Favorite Guitar : Gibson Les Paul

Favorite Pick : Dunlop Cortex Yellow Turtle (trust it)

Favorite Strings: Ernie Balls Top heavy bottom 10/ 52 Gauge range. Drop C #

Chaotic Resemblance brings back some resemblance from historic Christian Metal, as well as making some unique mix that creates a new sound. You dance with who brought you, and what they use is what they are comfortable, as long as it brings into the sense of the Lord. They create with what the Lord has bestowed, and give out for others to take.

Michael English inspired vocal type.

Acoustic guitar was referenced as “Grandpa Guitar” .. you have to hear the context to understand. It’s not critical, its comparative.

The LORD will be magnified. The heart of worship really turns the passion and you can hear in this interview … Listening and written for the audience of one .. turns to many.

Ending with Surrender was SOOOOOO GREAT … Please consider just listening

Sow into these music leaders. Pray for the band, reach out and contact them to let them know.


Mr Summary finds these guys very inspiring. I am looking forward to taking them into 2023 !!

May God Truly Bless you where you are !

- Mr. Summary (Twitter: @WmPowellJr )

Click here to listen to this episode.

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