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Episode #132-Interview With The Brave (Part 2)-Summary

The intersection of faith, talk, and music

The Brave – Pt 2

Malcolm (bass player) “thought he was retired”.

Evie’s Little Garden was the first cut. {they play a snippet, really great song!!)

The albums have the songs in the order they are cut.

Demos were OFF The CHARTS

Malcolm has an interesting approach on how he creates his music.

They create these songs where everyone is NOT in the studio.

The creation process for both albums had layers and additions that increased the bands synergy.

Evie’s Little Garden was completed in a pretty short time frame (considering the way it was created).

As soon as it was done, they immediately started Gravedigger.

Gravedigger seemed to create a family more than a band.

Work / Family / Personal time is not difficult, and each band member has a different manner.

This process allows for the creativity as well as high quality of the albums.

It’s not work, it’s more how God leads them. The writing can be sketched out in a very short time frame.

"Undertaker" was created by a small suggestion .. and BOOM it’s a song!

Could the genre Christian Metal Rock get popular again? What does the audience think?

The reaction and sales for The Brave states the consumption is wanted.

The “sing a long” approach...really align and keep a beat in your head (earworms are incredible) AND .. it hits a point to make you ponder. Eternity is forever you know !

We have some Christmas music samples …. Christmas Every Day THREE new Christmas songs are on their way … Look for something around Thanksgiving

Follow His path and it always works out,

Mr. Summary

*** Mr Summary’s Personal Note *** Wanting more is an understatement. This band is really good.

Gravedigger is on a constant play while working from home.

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