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Episode #134- Killian Pt 2

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

by Mr. Summary

Marc has a supportive wife who is a consumer of good music.

His daughter is very wise (Mr Summary can identify).

What started the album Fifty?

The album cover is Marc’s car (it’s fifty years old).

This album has country, rap(ish), and good ole Rock and Roll. It’s a little something for

everyone 😊.

We get samples from each of the following along with Marc’s introduction of the creativity for each.

  • She’s that Way was written by Marc’s parents. This song helped kickstart some creativity. Remember Marc’s mother was a country singer.

  • Realign jumps out and really addresses our ability to get back together. Division has a way to destroy, and it’s cloudy.

  • Think it over was written REALLY quickly! The creativity flowed!

  • Downpour covers more deeper thoughts and addresses depression and anxiety, and how the journey is seen from Marc’s view. Not intentionally written, but more from Marc’s surrounding.

Marc: “I will create whatever my fingers allow me to do”.

He likes to follow the flow for the moment at hand.

Marc is a professional podcaster and writes/ plays music around his schedule. This recent release plays like a full-time musician, and it’s certain Marc has a lifetime experience in a manner to have quality.

There was a period where Marc did not play often, and Mrs Killian (Marc’s wife) encouraged him to get back in the stream.


  • What is the advice on how to get into (or back into) music? Marc advises “show up ..step in the room, and play.”

  • What concerns Marc about the modern music industry? It’s not always above boar- Not historically the most enjoyable (from a business). Getting airplay is incredibly difficult. Great news the streams and internet radio has allowed more exposure. It’s certainly monetary and that unfortunately drives the wheel. There is a lot of incredible talent out there.

  • What’s the advice for others trying to get in the business or tour? What are you doing it for? Is it for money? Fame? That changes with time, and you should always do what you want (or need) to do. Be yourself!!

Marc’s wife is a very good artist. Marc encouraged her to work into the creativity. We encourage you to visit the website.

There are A LOT of people making music. It brings Marc pure joy, and you can hear that in his releases. The technology has allowed more to record and distribute quickly. It also allows the ability to measure, as well as adjust.

Be sure to invest in your favorite independent artist!

Plans for Killian Music: Thoughts on potential touring, yet it’s a challenge. “I would rather fail as myself, than succeed as someone else.”

Wildman's On The Spot Question:

If You could be on the stage with any musician/band who would it be? Marc wants to have someone that he could “play with”. Marc mentions several and it lands on Kansas!

- Mr Summary

PS: Fifty is an enjoyable album, and Mr. Summary has listened several times in work from home scenarios. It is catchy, great harmony, and overall collectively well done.

For more about Marc and to listen to this great album go to

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