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Episode 135- Chaotic Resemblance (Part 1)



Campaign: Put hard rock and heavy metal in every home. Everyone is entitled to good MUSIC!

We will see halftime shows and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ……

Please rank the opening: 10 to 10

Symbolic of the first segue use and its going strong today!

Jimmy (JJ Walker) references are always Good Times (sorry, not sorry)…

We talk to members of Chaotic Resemblance

  • Travis McConnell

  • LA Ellis

They used to sing to words Dynamite.

Recent project work:

We always get a great sampling

2022 set a direction after a couple of years of getting tugged. They decided to be focused and go forward with a new project. The act of obedience was very good (Mr Summary has sampled often).

  • Surrender: written from a dream and written quickly. The words and tunes were worked over with the group, and the song was born. Yet another great sample.

  • Get the Hell Out (2014) was a very good release and showed the passion of the band.

Lyrics had been burning on their hearts and takes the group back to Luke 10 with Mary and Martha. This created a hunger.

This album is so rich with great work, and wonderful raw aggressive music.

Worship is important, and posturing your heart helps work through most any challenge or task there is.


Opening for Driven is so incredible. We have yet another great offering “Are You Baptized in the Red “.

It’s refreshing to hear the boldness, passion, and direction of the band. This is a great definition of ministry.

We spend some time with the band on talking over the challenges:

  • Keeping unity and peace. It’s very critical, and not a simple task. Keeping the team together (whether it’s marriage, family, or band) .. you need to make sure the priorities are aligned.

  • Live a Holy life. Be consistent, steady, trustworthy.

  • How will we go out an evangelize to an audience and then work with your brothers man-to-man?

Tools that help the Band:

  • Stay in the Word. Reading the Bible

  • Share Communion as a band

Stay tuned next week … for Part 2 of Chaotic Resemblance .. until then

Rock ON!

-Mr Summary

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