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Good Blood

If you know Bloodgood from back in the day, then keep reading. I'm about to say really nice things about what is undoubtedly one of your favorite bands. If you're wondering who on earth Bloodgood is, keep reading. I'm about to introduce you to your new favorite band.

Bloodgood is a metal band from the '80s that is still touring and recording today. If you want their background story, check out our interviews with bassist Michael Bloodgood, lead singer Les Carlsen, former drummer JT Taylor, or head over to the band's website. This post is not about history. It's about music.

I (Steve) have been working my way through the complete Bloodgood discography in chronological order. From their self-titled 1986 debut through their latest studio release, Dangerously Close, in 2013 and their live albums from the early '90s as well, their music roars through the speakers with such ferocity that you have to keep listening. The music is just rock solid, no pun intended. This is yet another band that, had they sung about sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, would have been MTV darlings selling out arenas. Their chops are just that good. Pounding drums and thunderous bass support searing guitars, and if you are new to the Bloodgood scene, this should have you wanting to find out more. Sure, you could make comparisons with other bands, not in the sense of Bloodgood's being a copycat, but from the perspective that these guys would have fit in perfectly with Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Poison, Bon Jovi, and the like. They truly are that good.

As for the vocals, that's another story entirely. Les Carlsen has one of the most distinctive rock voices of all time. You really can't compare it with any other, but it certainly has its place alongside the greats such as Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, and Michael Sweet. Don't get me wrong. Carlsen's voice is about as different from that of a Dio or a Coverdale as you could get, but for its unmistakable and instantly recognizable quality, it deserves every bit as much respect and recognition.

And then there are the lyrics. As we have discussed many times on The Wildman & Steve Show, Christian bands tend to take one of two paths. They are either in your face with explicitly Christian lyrics, or they come in under the radar with subtle hints and nods toward the faith. Bloodgood's lyrics are not just in the former category, they set the standard by which all other songs in that former category are to be measured. "Accept the lamb of the living God! Accept I Am, He's a living God!" Could it get more direct than that? Well, yes. Consider, "Share the bread and living water. Eat the flesh, drink the blood of Christ!" That's so on the nose that even some pew warmers at the local church may start to squirm.

Wildman and I are getting ready for two killer nights of Bloodgood live in February (see here to get tickets). If you know their music, do whatever it takes to see them along with fellow veterans of the metal scene Whitecross. If you do not know their music, check it out, and if you can tear yourself away long enough, order your tickets to see them live. It's a metal event not to be missed!

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