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No Other Name, Part 3: Bride

Names are powerful and important.  God allowed Adam to name all the creatures that He Himself had made (Genesis 2:19-20).  There is no other name except that of Jesus by which we can be saved (Acts 4:11-12).  In fact, at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow (Philippians 2:9-11).  In this series of posts, we will look at the names of Classic Christian Rock bands and what those names have to say about God. Bride is one of the foundational bands of Classic Christian Metal.  From the '80s through the mid-2000s, they have released screaming, in-your-face numbers like the 1988 classic "Hell No."  One wonders then.  What does the word "bride" have to do with such unabashed metal? Think for a moment of a bride on her wedding day.  She is radiant and filled with joy because she has been chosen by the one who loves her more than any other, and stretching before her are days of hope and wonder and excitement as she embarks on a grand, new adventure with her beloved. This is why the body of Christ on earth, the church, is often referred to as the bride of Christ.  First of all, we are chosen.  Jesus made it very clear that we did not choose Him, but that He chose us (John 15:16).  You may never have been picked for anything else in your life, but you were picked by God.  On the other hand, you may be the popular one who is picked for everything, but none of it compares with being chosen by the Almighty.  And as Jesus goes on to say in that verse, we were picked to bear fruit.  In other words, like a bride anticipating the years of adventure that lie ahead, so we have been chosen for the adventure of a lifetime with the lover of our souls. Oh, and one more thing.  Brides are radiant in splendor on the day of their wedding, and guess what.  So are you.  You have been washed by the blood of Jesus Himself, and you are spotless and pure.  What a glorious life awaits you now and in eternity with Him!

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