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Simple Man

Joseph Heller famously wrote in the novel Catch -22, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you." In the same way, just because you are a fan of a band or friends with the artists doesn't mean you can't be objective. Let's be clear. I like Kevin "Musicman" and Chad "Wildman." In fact, Chad and I co-host The Wildman & Steve Show. We have covered some solid ground together and are brothers in Christ. This would have made it incredibly awkward had I felt the need to write a negative review of the first song from their band Sons of Thunder, but fortunately that was not the case. I like this song, so I think my friendships will remain intact and The Wildman & Steve Show will continue, but what you want to know is why I like it, and I'm about to tell you.

From the moment Musicman plugs in his Gibson and hits those strings, you know you are in the realm of classic rock. It has a solid, AC/DC feel to it, and even those of us who do not play suddenly whip out our air guitars and go to town.

Then come the vocals by Wildman. When I first played this song in the car, my wife was on her phone, not paying much attention. All of a sudden, her head came up and her eyes grew wide. Let's face it. When you tell someone your buddy recorded a song, expectations are low, but Sons of Thunder exceed expectations with this hard and catchy tune that quickly gets stuck in your head, and when Wildman starts wailing on the guitar solo, your face lights up along with his.

If you like classic rock, then you need to download "Simple Man" by Sons of Thunder. It will take you back to the glory days and remind you of what you love about rock in the first place. And after you've downloaded it (don't just listen on YouTube), be sure to follow them @SotWillRock on Twitter. Perhaps you, too, will become friends with these simple men who love Jesus and rock & roll!

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