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Till My Trophies At Last I Lay Down

We were honored and humbled to have been nominated in four categories for the 2021 Spin Awards, which is a "national event uniting radio, artists, event planners, record label executives, marking directors, publishers and more within the Christian Gospel Industry from across the world during the Spin Awards Weekend" ( For us, however, interviewing famous musicians on our show or being nominated for awards is only of value if it helps connect people with Jesus.

When Nehemiah, who was with the Jews in exile in Persia, heard bad news about Jerusalem, he went to King Artaxerxes and asked for permission to do something about it. The king not only gave him permission to travel to Jerusalem, but sent him with letters for safe passage and permission to use timber from the royal forest to repair the wall around the city. You can read all about this part of the story in Nehemiah chapters 1-2, but notice the importance of Nehemiah's connection with the king. Had he not gained such permission and the resources he needed, he could not have done what God called him to do. God answered his prayer, which we read in Nehemiah 1:11, to guide the king's heart.

We have interviewed famous people in the Christian music industry. We are as interested in their stories as we are in those of up-and-coming artists. Yet we also know that the popularity of the more well known guests may lead people to discover those who are not yet household names and we know that the more people who hear our show, the more who will hear about Jesus. That's why we are excited to have been nominated for the 2021 Spin Awards. If this recognition helps promote our show, then the gospel of Jesus will reach an even wider audience. At the end of the day, we care more about clinging to the old, rugged cross than any human accolades.

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