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What If?

Place of Skulls made me like doom metal. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto them, but one night I went down a rabbit trail of YouTube videos that led me to some of the best music I have heard, and the song "What If" from their 2016 album In-Graved is my favorite. Here are the lyrics, but you really must listen to the full song.

What if your last breath was just what you said

And the last thought you had when the clock

strikes you dead

You cease to exist in body, mind, & soul

And the time that you spent on earth was just a show

What if you found you couldn’t hear a sound

After all, you were right, your final home

is just the ground

And the love that you gave to family

and friends so dear

Was just a moment in a life of wasted years

Now all you see in your day is night

No worth, no joy, no peace of mind

And all your rags you left to heirs

Death won’t redeem those left in tears

What if you are right and this is all there is

So what if you died and your blood just turns to mist

But what if you’re wrong, and a new world awaits

And death lost its grip in life, beyond the grave.

I once had a student who lost her father while she was in high school. She did not believe anything in particular about what happens after we die, but she hoped if there were something that her father was happy.

We are quite grounded in our beliefs about finances or politics or the nature of our jobs. We know where we stand and why with regard to any number of things. Where do you stand with regard to death, or more specifically, to what happens after you die? There are things you can know, things based on reason and evidence, on which you can base a solid belief. You have taken the time to determine what you believe on matters of far less importance. What if your belief about eternal matters needs to be revisited?

If you have questions or want to talk further about the offer of Jesus or what it means to accept His grace and follow Him, please email us at We would love to talk with you.

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