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Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Dr. Guitar- Episode #1- November 26, 2022

Recently, I was able to catch up with Dr. Guitar himself to find out where the name came from, his style- and what he'd like to accomplish with his guitar.


WM: Dr. Guitar! Thank you for taking the time to join me. How are you doing and welcome!

Dr. Guitar: Hey Wildman!! I’m good. Thank you for having me.

WM: So first off- where did “Dr. Guitar” come from?

Dr. Guitar: Well. I just wanted a really simple @ on Twitter. If someone asks where I can be found,

@drguitar No numbers or other nonsense to remember.

WM: Gotcha- makes sense… So, if I may ask- what does a Dr. like you prescribe? (Laughs…)

Dr. Guitar: Funny you should ask Wildman. I suggest playing a lot of guitar. I just put this up on YouTube.

WM: Nice! So you do prescribe....

WM: Let's talk about your style. I have watched you for some time- and I've heard you do many different styles- Reggae is one I noticed- that makes you somewhat unique. What styles have you played and what style are you the most passionate about?

Dr. Guitar: I’ve never really thought that I have to play one specific style. I feel I usually do play stuff along the pop/rock type style. I’ve started to realize how great Billy Gibbons is and why.

I always just thought ZZ Top is “just” a blues band. Now I realize he innovates their blues music and takes it further. He plays some clever stuff. I feel most passionate about reggae because I feel I can try to do what ZZ Top does with the blues with my reggae. That’s what I would most like to do.

WM: So does this mean you are going to grow a VERY long beard??

Dr. Guitar: Haha. I don't know- Gonna have to come up with something to entertain the people.

WM: Right- I'm glad you mentioned that- because it's important to an artist to entertain the people and touch their lives in some way. In what way do you think you have- and how would you like to?

Dr. Guitar: My main talent I feel is playing the guitar. I am definitely going to be attempting to do a one man show. But I don’t sing. Just my guitar and pedal- Boss ME 80. Im currently trying to put a set of songs together so I can try to open for some bands at the local bars. I think at first I’m gonna try to have good covers to entertain. But I hope to at some point really make it feel special- Like a show. I hope people like my videos and see some of the ridiculous little things I put in them.

WM: Your videos- def are unique and the graphics add that extra element...

Dr. Guitar: Thank you. Unique is good.

WM: I see where recently you tied the knot (so to speak)?

Dr. Guitar: Yep. Serena and I just celebrated 10 years together. We got married in August.

WM: So- does she break out the six strings and harmonize the leads for you?

Dr. Guitar: No she does not. She does not play an instrument. She is cool about me playing all the time though. Even watching movies I’m playing the guitar.

WM: That is very common where spouses don't share the same gifting - but support each other in their own passion. From watching on twitter she definitely seems to be a support to you...

Dr. Guitar: Yes. She is very supportive of anything I do. We do have a good relationship.

WM: That's great- so good to have that. So- as an Indie artist.

What have you learned? And what advice do you have for other artists trying to get started in the music business?

Dr. Guitar: I have no clue about getting in the music business. But as with anything, keep it simple. Most people really don’t care how many notes you play. And with social media, any kind of music can find it’s place. As long as it’s done well. And presented in an entertaining way.

WM: Well Said- you bring up an intriguing point- could you elaborate more on "most people don't care how many notes you play"?

Dr. Guitar: I can get into more progressive music. With virtuoso musicians. But I also enjoy just letting go and enjoying music I can just sing along to. I feel most people appreciate a pretty melody or cool beat rather than how great the players are. If you’re into Metal or country or pop or rock n roll, I believe it still comes down to a pretty melody or cool beat.

WM: So True. Recently I heard someone say-people want something memorable... that's why commercials work so well? (Laughs)

Dr. Guitar: Yes. I agree.

WM: So- moving into 2023- what's on the horizon for Dr. Guitar?

Dr. Guitar: I want to get together this one Dr. show. Just me and my guitar.

Just get the one man show going. Then hopefully add more entertaining elements as I go.

I have to go play. I can’t find a band. I’m gonna have to do this myself. And I will.

WM: Love the passion! So- will this show be streamed? In Person?

Dr. Guitar: I plan to go play at the bars. In person. I will always post songs or samples of songs.

WM: We are all looking forward to it! I want to thank you again for taking the time to be with us today. But- one final- Wildman

“On The Spot” question- are you ready?

Dr. Guitar: Thank you for having me. I am ready.

WM: Ok- you are on a deserted island- you can have any guitar in the world- but only one- which one is Dr. Guitar taking?

Dr. Guitar: Even out of all the guitars- I believe I would want this American made telecaster. There’s just something about a telecaster that’s just so addicting.

WM: Nice choice . Thanks again!

Dr. Guitar: Thank you Wildman!!


What's All The Fuzz About? Is a blog dedicated to the instrument we all know and love- the guitar. Stay tuned for more articles and interviews!

- Wildman

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