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No Other Name, Part 2: Bloodgood

Names are powerful and important.  God allowed Adam to name all the creatures that He Himself had made (Genesis 2:19-20).  There is no other name except that of Jesus by which we can be saved (Acts 4:11-12).  In fact, at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow (Philippians 2:9-11). 

In this series of posts, we will look at the names of Classic Christian Rock bands and what those names have to say about God.

Bloodgood is one of those bands that take their name from a group member, in this case Michael Bloodgood, founder and bass player.  It is also a great name for a metal band, since secular metal can often focus on blood and horror.  But if you split the name in half, you will find a joyful reminder of something else. It was on a Friday that Jesus was crucified.  It was on a Friday that human beings created in the image of God chose to execute God Who had taken on their image.  It was on a Friday that the sins of everyone who had ever lived, who was living at that time, and who would ever live afterward, were placed on the shoulders of one Who was sinless.  How on earth could anyone call such a day good? Yet it was because Jesus chose to taken on such punishment on our behalf that the day on which it occurred is indeed good.  It is the best of all possible days from our perspective, for it was the day on which our sins were covered by the spotless blood of the Lamb of God.  The band Bloodgood is known for its powerful music and theatrical performances.  Their name should also remind of us the good and perfect blood that was shed for us, despite that we did not deserve it, because of the matchless love of God.

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