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Talking To Satan

I’m fighting these demons, they will me to fail

Bewitching reminding, but truth must prevail

Oh Satan he has taken a hold on me

Oh I am redeemed, I am a slave made free

I’m foolish and reckless; I’ve looked to this land

Must live by the spirit, so I can withstand

Oh Satan He dwells, casting His spells on me

Oh I am made free, only by Calvary

Lucifer though you know my disgrace,

I will not hide my face; I will not hide my face

Lucifer you’ll have no hold on me

For I am a slave made free, I am a slave made free

I am redeemed

"I Am Redeemed" may be my favorite track from the 2020 release Wytch Hazel III: Pentecost by Wytch Hazel. Satan may have lost the war, but he is quite active in his efforts to hurt God by hurting His people, and one of his chief tactics is to remind us of our sins. As the song opens, we fight demonic forces that will us to fail and lead us to do so by bewitching us and reminding us of all that we have done wrong.

Now, the simple fact is that we have done wrong. We have sinned, and the way out of the debilitating consequences of sin is not to claim that the sin wasn't really sin or that we had no choice. No, but we are made free, and then only by Calvary. Stop for a moment and remember that. Reflect on that. The things you've done that have hurt others and things you've done that no one knows about were all covered by the blood of Jesus. Don't read on until you have that firmly in your mind and heart.

Do you feel the strength coming back to you? That is what it means to be redeemed and to stand free in the sight of God. It means you can look Satan in the eye and say, "Lucifer, though you know my disgrace, I will not hide my face. Lucifer, you have no hold on me, for I am a slave made free. I am redeemed."

Calling Satan out for the liar he is constitutes one of the main battle strategies in the war we must all fight. I was once mowing my grass as unwanted thoughts started to crowd my mind. I began not only to doubt God's love but to believe that He actively wished me ill. I suddenly realized that such thoughts did not at all sound like the voice of Jesus, so I rebuked Satan in some rather harsh language. Instantly, the accusing voice was gone, and I sensed the loving presence of Jesus.

If you have questions or want to talk further about the offer of Jesus or what it means to accept His grace and follow Him, please email us at We would love to talk with you.

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