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When a Drummer Sings

I (Steve) first met Michael Feighan when King James opened for Stryper in 2014. I was so blown away by the King James album MaXimus that I had to get it, and since Michael and Benny Ramos (bass) were at the merch table, I got their autographs. They were both such humble men that I was as impressed with their character in those few minutes as I was by their music.

Fast forward to October of 2016. Stryper was on the 30th anniversary tour for To Hell With The Devil, and Whitecross and Petra opened for them as part of Rocktoberfest in Indianapolis. As Whitecross took the stage, where I had been standing at the front for three other phenomenal opening acts, I yelled, "MICHAEL!" as Michael Feighan walked to his kit. He looked over and smiled, and then Whitecross delivered a blistering set. As they finished, Michael looked directly at me and tossed me a drumstick. I was over the moon!

Michael and Steve at Rocktoberfest 2016

At the end of the concert, I met him in the lobby and, to my astonishment, he remembered me from over two years before and graciously autographed the drumstick. I was over the moon and back again!

Wildman and I have had the pleasure of interviewing him twice for our show (July 1, 2020 and October 1, 2021), and just as it was when I first met him, he has been the most humble and gracious of people, which may strike some as odd. Isn't a drummer supposed to be the wild child of the band? Michael is certainly wild on his kit, as you can see in the clip below, but he is first and foremost a man of God who simply wants to use his gifts to glorify Jesus, which brings us to the real topic of this post.

Michael has come out with his first solo VOCAL album! Released today, Someone Prayed is 4-song EP that showcases his songwriting and singing ability and it is not to be missed. It starts off strong with "Joy of Life," which after just a few listens is quickly becoming a favorite for me. The song is a reminder that we all need to recover the joy of life, just as David prayed in Psalm 51. Next up is "I Still Believe," for which he released a video a few months ago.

This is a patriotic tune that hearkens back to Lee Greenwood's classic "God Bless The U.S.A.," reminding us of the worthy aspects of our country, one in which we are free to serve God openly and proudly. From there he moves into "Before Time Began," a song clearly based in Jeremiah 1:5 as it talks of how God knew each of us before we were born. The EP ends with "Someone Prayed," which formed the second video from the album.

There is a video on YouTube that shows Michael stepping out from behind his kit at a Whitecross concert to sing "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," and it is nothing short of spectacular. His voice has that raw sound that would make you think he had spent his life smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey in dive bars, a compliment as anyone who appreciates the sound of Joe Cocker or Tom Keifer would understand. The album is at its best when Michael really goes into the gravel of his voice, and the whole thing is a tasty piece of music that leaves us hoping for a full-length album soon.

Find it on Michael's website, Apple Music, or Amazon, and while you're waiting for your download or physical CD to arrive, check out his cover of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." It will knock you off your feet!

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