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Episode # 133- Mr. Summary

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Killian: 11/25/22

Great to hear from Marc Killian

- Born to a music-based family.

- His family has country roots

- Amazing song played at 3 years old ….

A drummer playing guitar who sings is always interesting!

Played based on necessity (what’s needed is what is played)

On the record Fifty, Mark plays it ALL with a small exception

Good track from Fifty plays ...... lots of familiar sounds (EVH, Sammy Hagar, & Eddie Money)

Are you assembling or creating? Good wisdom for the music building community

Discovery is part of the journey. Lean into the creativity and skills to be able to build out the track.

Marc was never officially trained, and he’s ambidextrous!!

The creative juices that flow from the finger tips while playing and writing is VERY individual. Marc’s tracks are S O L I D !! (yet another great sample)

Peering into the crystal ball, streaming has changed the access and subject matter (along with quality). Marc shares some really good insight … on how music creativity will progress.

Another good point on the approach to music today- you can surround yourself with the content you want ... and you never get to experience other tracks.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting conclusion of Marc’s interview (and Mr. Summary’s wrap up)

- Mr. Summary


Mr. Summary Input : Streaming alone has allowed an expansion of the musical consumption over the past 2 years.

Much appreciation to Wildman and Steve for bringing the mix of guests of the past as well as the future!

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